WipeOut Pro

WipeOut Pro 1.6

Wipe traces of your computer usage AND optimize your drives...

Wipe traces of your computer usage AND optimize your drives automatically. WipeOut is a highly customizable privacy enhancement, system cleanup and tuning tool.

Securely wipe free space, clear cookies, IE browser cache, file access history from the registry and recent folder and a significant amount of other unnecessary registry entries that accumulate in the registry.

Once the cleanup is complete WipeOut Pro will cause the system defragmenter to defragment your hard drive(s). WipeOut Pro will do all this automatically when you shutdown your computer and turn your computer off for you when it`s done.

Customization features include: adding additional directories you want to wipe, additional registry keys you want to clear, cookies you want to keep, wipe files in the recycle bin, clear the swap file, choose the number of patterns to write to free space and registry entries before clearing, set the thread priority of the free disk space wipe, and delete locked files.